What is DOMING?

DOMING is a process of dispensing a clear resin onto a two-dimensional surface such as labels, decals, nameplates, etc. DOMING greatly enhances the appeal of a conventional flat label. This process dramatically transforms graphics into visually appealing three-dimensional decorative items; it is what seperates a DOME from a standard sticker. DOMING also prolongs the lifetime of a label by adding a crystal clear cap sealing and protecting the image underneath.

This diagram displays the key elements and layers to a DOME.

Our DOMING Process

Crystal Clear DOMING's qualified production team executes the highest standards of the DOMING process from setup to completion. Technicians carefully choose the required amount of resin to ensure that each label is filled to the highest level obtainable. The dispensing needles are then programmed to the individual sheet layout. Resin is then poured onto the label and flows to the edge of the label. Due to surface tension the resin comes to a stop and creates a DOME-like shape.

Every sheet DOMED is carefully placed onto a flat drying pan and secured in a honeycomb tray housing, assuring a flatter more consistant thickness of DOME. DOMES drys overnight in our clean room environment that is mantained at a 70 degrees Farenheit with low humidity preventing labels from bubbling. High volume hepa-filters elimnate dust particles during the manufacturing and curing process.

DOMING Benefits

- Extremely durable 
- Scratch and impact resistant
- Resists fading and will not discolor with      
   outdoor use
- Will not warp or wrinkle

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